IRON JOHN is a dance researchproject that will be realized beginning 2010 at Dansateliers Rotterdam. Till then I already want to develop some material which then can become the ground from where the choreography can grow. This weblog wants to be a public sketchbook where you can find my thoughts, ideas, images and theory about every stage of this project. Also I will use it to inform you when I am performing some first attempts to become IRON JOHN.

Recently I started to develop my choreographic interest at Dansateliers Rotterdam, a dance-work place for young choreographers in Holland. As part of the second edition of One Night’s Dance, I presented the solo “Iron John”, which was a first attempt to make a selfportrait. Later in the season I continued the research with “Performing Portraits”, where three solo’s were made for three different dancers. One of the solo’s was transformed into a duet with the original dancer Maarten Hunink and myself making an attempt to make his portrait personal. This version was presented succesfully July 2009 at Open Dans festival in Rotterdam and had some further showings in Italy (festival Interferenze) and in Korzo Theater The Hague. Beginning 2010 there will be a 5-week research to have a new look at the solo “Iron John”. Till then you may see me appearing unexpected in the building of Dansateliers around the performances of other choreographers.


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