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In creative process on January 21, 2010 at 13:00


Finally!!! Soon I will start my choreographic exploration at Dansateliers resulting in a solo performance on March 12-13-14. But before I start off working by myself in the studio I am hoping to get together an inspired group of dancers, movers, makers who are up for a weekend of brainstorming and fun exploring around the themes that I will develop in this project. This workshop and the presence/input for each particant will help me to make the first steps and the foundation of my further research.

More information further down. And please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Workshop Johnny Schoofs: “Weekend as a Faun”

In this workshop we will transform one of the classics of modern dance into an up-to-date contemporary version.  “L’apres midi du faun” anno 2010. In a playful manner we will find ways to embody the faun as a mythological figure and personalize the characteristics that make him an archetype.

Through improvisation every participant has the chance to develop his/her personal movement language to make the faun character visible. We will research how an archetype/figure can be the inspiration for a dance without the choreography becoming unnecessarily descriptive or theatrical.

This workshop is entirely for free. All dancers, movers, makers are invited to experience a playful weekend of creating dance. The weeks following Johnny Schoofs will continue deepening his research around this theme resulting in the solo performance “Iron John” which will be presented in March at Dansateliers.

6 & 7 February 2010
from 11am to 4pm (door open at 10:30)

Dansateliers studio
‘s-Gravendijkwal 58b – Rotterdam



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