new associations

In video #1 on October 5, 2009 at 15:14

Here are some new associations that the audience at Dansateliers gave me last weekend after seeing the installation Iron John’s Home Video.


  • Repelsteeltje/ Rumpelstilskin (famous fairy tale character)
  • “the man who fucked the world” (some movie once seen for 1 dollar at someone’s attic showing a man fucking the world through a hole in the ground)
  • The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be (children book written by Canadian writer Farley Mowat; the dog which is the main character makes himself transform into different identities, once he transforms into a deer by wearing antlers)


  1. the leitmotif of men fucking the ground appears also in the movie of Marina Abramović which is a part of the movie Destricted 😉 beautiful image 🙂

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