Iron John’s home video

In video #1 on September 29, 2009 at 12:01


On October 2-3-4 there will be ‘One Night’s Dance’ at Dansateliers Rotterdam. During three evenings there are presentations of 15 short but brand new dance performances of a new generation of dancemakers. I will use this opportunity to present my own project Iron John, that will be developed in Dansateliers later on in the season.

Expect this time no life intervention as I did previously with Act #1 and Act #2. I will be showing recorded material that can be viewed at the bar of Dansateliers. The film will have no script, or dramaturgy. Rather it will be a collection of scenes played out on location (a parc in teramo, Italy) and recorded with the help of Maarten Hunink. You can observe the scenes as instant compositions around the theme of Iron John, playing with the idea of the faun, the ‘wild man’ connecting with nature, images of masculinity. Next to developing further choreographical ideas around these themes, making this movie is for me an excellent opportunity to play around with film as medium, and to get more acquainted with the technical side of editing.


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