call for nature

In video #1 on September 29, 2009 at 09:16


Living in an urban environment is challenging. So much concrete under our feet! I regularly feel my body complaining where is the nature? I wonder: have you walked recently barefoot in the grass? Can you still remember that wonderful feeling? Your whole physical organisation seems to bounds off the ground with its softness. There is a feeling of a constant talking back and forth between your feet and the ground. A listening and a responding. The feet surrendering and leaning their weight into the ground. Hugging the surface. In the city we have concrete most of the time, a structure which is unable to respond to the sensitivity of our bodies. There is no communicating back to us. Except of the many ads screaming back at us. So much about the relation between our biological organisms and the city as environment.

… and what about dance? When have you danced for the last time under the trees?


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