Homage to Rauschenberg

In act #2 on March 27, 2009 at 00:39
Cardbird 2, 1971

Cardbird 2, 1971

I was just preparing myself a cardboard stage at home. In act #1 I already used one to give clarity to the figure of the beggar. At the same time the flattened cardboard box defined the theatrical space. I want to continue with this idea, but I wanted to bring it to another level. Am I able to make the space a little bit more abstract. So that’s how I found myself cutting and taping pieces of cardboard together with the intention of make a kind of loosely designed patchwork. I like very much what came out of it. Ikea for the homeless.

Nevertheless what I had created, looked so familiar. And it is. I suddenly remembered I went to see this exhibition last year in one of my favourite museums, Haus der Kunst in Munich. It was a retrospective of Robert Rauschenberg. I was very charmed in the way how he is able to transform trash into 3D-sculptures. There was a short period in the  beginning 70’s when he only worked with cardboard boxes. So what is lying now here in my livingroom looks very much like a Rauschenberg.

Cardbird door, 1971

Cardbird door, 1971

For me the visit to the exhibition was very special. I didn’t know his work very well. And at times I don’t really know what to think about it. But nevertheless he was able to touch me. It felt as if I was able to feel the artist behind the works exhibited. And the person that I saw, charmed me very much. I had the feeling that he is a beautiful, warm, open-hearted person. And a little bit naughty. I could see a highly creative person in his work, able to combine humour and the beauty of simplicity in a balanced way. Though his work may seem at first abstract and almost conceptual, in the end I can really sense the poetry in it. I feels very human.

One day after my visit I discovered Robert Rauschenberg had died that very morning. I couldn’t believe it. What a strange coincidence. I find it very special that I was able to see his work when he was still alive. Somehow he felt so present there. I wonder if it really makes a change? Would a piece of art suddenly change in the way how we percieve it from the moment that the artist is not on this earth anymore? I feel blessed by the experience. I see now that seeing this exhibition really made a powerful influence on me. More than I realized. Somehow the experience has fed me with inspiration till this very day. And I am glad I am making this pretty cardboard floor. It feels like an homage to Rauschenberg himself. In respectful memory of…

Robert Rauschenberg, 1974

Robert Rauschenberg, 1974


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