Act #1: the age of the romantics

In act #1 on February 13, 2009 at 21:51

On Sunday 15 March I will be giving a little performance at Dansateliers Rotterdam. This is part of the presentation of the work-in-progress “Uniek” from Jenny Beyer & Chris Leuenberger, which is starting at 17:00. Come and drop by and I hope to surprise and charm you…

he is the lonely caller in your local street
calling out with all his love and life
charmed by the music he plays
he hopes to get your attention

he is naive
maybe a bit ironic
he has guts
and acts without thinking

he is a sexual being
a faun
wild and childlike
childish and girly

where is the man
who hides in the joker
where is the joke in this whole act

is he just fooling around
is he seducing you
does he charm you
or is he just to laugh at

would you give him money
to keep him playing
or to make him stop
would you like to go on a date with him

what’s he playing
is he just practicing his childhood skills
is he playing the flute of love
does he speak to you

muzak of the street
we don’t always hear you
but you are ever so present

begging for love
begging for money
begging to be seen
begging to be recognized

we are back again in the middleages
the age of the jesters, the jokers
the poor and the romantics


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